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My name is Jane Ternes

I am the owner of Halo Hounds. I began working with dogs professionally back in 2015, around the same time I adopted my chocolate lab, Rufus. Rufus came to me as an adolescent and I had a difficult time understanding him and why he behaved in certain ways. I quickly became passionate about dog behavior and training so I could use my knowledge to help Rufus gain skills and resolve his behavior issues.


Today I am a certified separation anxiety 

trainer, and have earned my Diploma in

Canine Behavior through the International

School for Canine Psychology. My goal as 

a trainer is to spread awareness on positive

reinforcement based training methods and strengthen the bond of humans and their canine companions, much like I did for myself back in 2015!


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  • Certified  

  • Lisenced

  • Insured

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