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Walking and Pet Sitting

We offer walk and trains and neighborhood walks in Snohomish County.

IMPORTANT: We understand how valuable and especially precious your Halo Hound's time is. Out of respect for yours, and all our Halo Hounds families, your dog's walk time will begin when we arrive at your house. This helps us manage our daily schedule, prevent overlaps in visits, and ensure that each Halo Hound receives the quality attention they need per your request.


Meet and Greet

Meet and greets are required before scheduling any of our services. During this time, we discuss your goals, schedule and get to know each other! It's important to us that your dog feels comfortable before we begin walking or pet sitting. To schedule a meet and greet send us an inquiry through the "Contact Us" page. 

Meet and greet for dog walking: $20 ​

Meet and greet for walk and trains: $30

Meet and greet for pet sitting: $30 

Walk and Trains

This service is for dogs that enjoy their walks but need a little extra training and attention. During this time your dog will be working with a certified professional trainer to work on reinforcing desired behaviors and managing unwanted ones. Some examples of common training walks include: leash walking, reactivity, attention building, distraction stays/wait.


Please note walk and trains are not meant for Private Training and the owner is not present during this service. If you are interested in interactive Private Training Sessions where you are present and participating, please email us at for an individual consultation.

45 minute walk and trains:

Single 45 minute walk and train: $50

Four, 45 minute walk and train package: $188 
($47 per walk. Saves you $12!)

Eight, 45 minute walk and train package: $360 
($45 per walk. Our best value saves you $40!)


30 minute walk and trains:

Single 30 minute walk and train: $40

Four, 30 minute walk and train package: $148 ($37 per walk. Saves you $12!)

Eight, 30 minute walk and train package: $280 ($35 per walk. Our best value saves you $40!)

Additional dog: $10


Neighborhood and Park Walks

Could your dog use more outside time? Neighborhood walks are a great option for those looking to offer their dogs more exercise and enrichment, or just a mid day break from the house. If you live within walking distance to a local or neighborhood park, we are happy to spend the majority of the walk there if that an environment your dog enjoys!

45 minute walks

Single 45 minute walks: $40 

Four, 45 minute walks: $148 ($37 per walk. Saves you $12!)

Eight, 45 minute walks: $280 ($35 per walk. Our best value saves you $40!)

30 minute walks

Single 30 minute walk: $30

Four, 30 minute walks: $108 ($27 per walk. Saves you $12!)

Eight, 30 minute walks: $200 ($25 per walk. Our best valve saves you $40!)

Additional dog: $5

Pet Sitting

We now offer overnight house and pet sitting services to provide you with peace of mind when you are away.

With a deep love for animals while maintaining a comfortable home environment they are happy and familiar in, we include comprehensive services including 30-minute daily walks, plant watering, and overall house security.


Rest assured that your Halo Hound’s well-being and your property's security are our top priorities. We understand the importance of routine and attention to detail, and are committed to maintaining the same level of care and affection you provide.

To ensure the best possible experience for both your pet and our team, we require a meet and greet session before confirming any reservations. This allows us to get to know your pet's unique needs, preferences, and any specific instructions you may have. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for your pet to become familiar with our team members in a stress-free environment.

Please understand that all pet sitting reservations will be considered tentative until a successful meet and greet has taken place. Once we've had the chance to meet you and your pet, we can finalize the details of the reservation. Meet and greets for pet sitting cost $30 for a 30 min session.


Our daily rates:

$90  (including one dog or cat)

$10 for each additional dog or cat 
Feel free to call, or email to check for schedule availability.

We look forward to keeping your pup a happy Halo Hound!

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