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Our Policies and Guidelines

Please take your time to read over the Halo Hounds Policies and Guidelines...


Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed Weekends with the exception of pre-arranged walks or training sessions


Cancellations made 24 hours prior to your appointment

We are very grateful for any cancellations made 24 hours prior to your appointment. No late fees will be applied!


No shows

If we arrive at your home and you are either not home, or forgot to cancel your appointment with us you will be charged in full. Especially with our current economic environment as well as the time, travel, and resources that have been committed specifically for your Halo Hound, we are unable to forgive any fees for no shows. We appreciate your understanding!




On extreme weather days (wind/rain) our walks may need to be cut short, for your pups safety as well as your dog walkers.

If snow is in the forecast on the day of your scheduled walk we will let you know as soon as possible if the road conditions are unsafe for driving. Please be aware you may need to consider back up plans if we are unable to work on snow days.


Brachycephalic, overweight, and young/elderly dogs have a higher risk of developing health issues in the summertime. If your dog falls into this category or is sensitive to the heat please let us know so we can make adjustments.

If the temperature is above 85 degrees, your dog's outside time will be limited to a potty break in the yard. The rest of the session will be spent inside the house playing/training or providing an enrichment activity.

If walks times are cut short on extreme weather days (Winter or Summer), we are happy to stay the remainder of the time in the house offering play, training and/or enrichment.



Halo Hounds is closed on all major Holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Exceptions are made for pre-arranged walks or training sessions.

If you are interested in requesting walks or visits on these days, you may do so but please be aware we may not have availability, and you will be charged an additional fee of 20% for services performed.


Cancellations made 24 hours or less before an appointment

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Emergencies and illness

Halo Hounds is very accommodating to family emergencies and illness. We are all human and understand that sometimes things happen that we just can't avoid. If you are late to cancel an appointment with us due to an urgent matter or illness you will not be charged. Please note, if this becomes a repeated occurrence and we feel this accommodation is being taken advantage of, changes will need to be made to your policy and you may be subject to pay the missed sessions in full.


Provided service times

Walking and Walk & Trains

We understand how valuable and especially precious your Halo Hound's time is. Out of respect for yours, and all our Halo Hounds families, your dog's walk time will begin when we arrive at your house. This helps us manage our daily schedule, prevent overlaps in visits, and ensure that each Halo Hound receives the quality attention they need per your request.

Private Training & Behavior Consulting

Allocated session time will commence upon the trainer's arrival at the scheduled location. Any services provided beyond the agreed-upon session duration will be subject to additional charges.

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